HearMeMP is a free app for Apple and Android devices that allows people to directly lobby their MP on the issues that matter to them.

It is designed to be quick to use and more effective and ethical than mass email lobbying, allowing MPs and their staff to use more of their time to help constituents in urgent need of help and spend less time checking and filing lobbying emails.

HearMeMP lets you lobby your MP quickly without taking their time away from those who contact them to request their help.


The creators of the app used to work in MPs' offices. Over the past five years they saw how more and more organisations were leading mass email campaigns to lobby MPs on particular issues. This increased the workload of MPs and their staff massively. It put so much pressure on the time and resources that MPs' offices would normally spend on constituent's casework, that an increasing number of MPs are choosing not to respond to them at all. The creators thought that this was wrong. They thought that whatever you think of your local MP, elected representatives should not have to face the choice of either taking resources away from constituents who come to them for help, or not responding to constituents who have exercised their democratic right to lobby them on important issues. MP's staffing budgets weren't going to receive a massive boost in the near future to address the problem, so the creators sat down and thought what they could do to tackle the dilemma and HearMeMP was born.

Democracy works best when elected representatives know the views of those they represent. HearMeMP is a tool designed to make that happen whilst allowing your MP to spend more time on casework from people in your community.


HearMeMP lists the popular and controversial policy issues of the day, issues given to them by lots of organisations and groups, and local issues that individual MPs let us know about. Rather than sending an email telling your MP that you either agree or disagree with a policy, HearMeMP lets you do it in a few taps. Rather than flooding an MP's inbox, HearMeMP sends all the submitted views on each individual issue on a spread sheet once a week and asks the MP to respond to users directly. It means that MPs' can make a record of and respond to your views quicker. MPs are also sent a weekly break down of their constituents' views issue by issue so they can see the strength of feeling of the people they represent. HearMeMP also allows you to favourite particular political topics that you have an interest in (e.g. Government Borrowing & National Debt, Trade Unions & Industrial Relations, Crime, Immigration, Flooding, Trident Independent Nuclear Deterrent, etc etc) and be notified when a new issue related to them is posted. Similarly, HearMeMP lets you favourite different membership organisations, groups and charities so you can support their latest campaigns.

In seconds you can help bring about the change you want to see through your smart phone using HearMeMP to add your voice to others in your community and effectively and ethically lobby your MP.